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Restaurant in Puebla

Service Hours:
Monday to Saturday from: 8:00 - 21:00 hours.
Sunday from: 8:00 - 19:00 hours.

Arriving at ecstasy through sight, smells and flavors, soliloquies of bread and biscuits, of golden traces of Villalpando like chiles rellenos rebozados, in recipes to Sister Filotea and gaznates, of tasty, juicy and pasiegos sonetos of Sigüenza and Góngora. Stews of spoon and cauldrons with fabada, without denying the Iberian cradle and the backing of cabildos and bells, because for pots ... only the poblans, of catfish and carps in stews of broth of flower of flour.

In convivial chapels of Arab eloquence: alfeñiques, alleluias, cupboards and warehouses, ditches and mayors, of stills and alcohols, in feats and flowers of orange blossom . In stews of raisins, almonds, cloves, cinnamon, the bittersweet Moor lineage has been filled in the kitchen of the Poblano baroque.

"The golden age of New Spain is made with pork, lamb and honey, from indigenous hands, precursors of the kitchen of corn, chili and beans, combining with cabbages, turnips and ham bone".

Nuns crowned with flowers and cooks in an embroidered blouse with a red ribbon braid, combine orbs to give the seasoning characteristic. His lineage has gained world fame, because Mole will be served at the funeral, at the funeral and until the feast of Death, the Dead Faithful, with Pumpkin Candy in Tacha , peaceful tejocotes accompanying Hojaldras topped with sesame and Punchi in Talavera dish with its soul of purple sweet potato.

With the masterpiece that closes an episode of the history of this land: Los Chiles en Nogada, the culmination of baroque entertainment where spices, fruits, meat, vegetables, the significant and stealthy presence of the Third Root , will coexist to the present day. ingredients of African cuisine, balanced rigor in the preparation, covering the golden set of the batter with delicate sauce of Nut of Castile brought from Calpan, diluted with goat cheese, milk and sherry, served the episcopal banquet to the consummator of Independence, distinctions The nuns of the Convent of Santa Mónica will do Don Agustín de Iturbide, who surely gladly repeated the ration, closing one of the most representative periods of the Mexican coquinaria and for which Puebla is considered "The palate of Mexicanness".

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